Vital Life Force

Vital force is life force

Vital force is the foundation and essence of all life; it flows in everyone and everything that exists, it regulates all physical functions. As we learn how to control our own vital force, we gain harmony and health, of both body and mind.

Vital force is energy

Energy is the fundamental substance of nature, continually transferred between all its parts, including human beings. It is the process that initiates all change. Energy has many physical forms, such as the heat released when we metabolise food in our body, or the electricity generated by a turbine. Energy also has many subtle forms, such as the vital force that animates living things.

The vital force is one of the many subtle energies that together create the subtle energetic base for all life. Through our breathing, and our chakras we absorb the vital force; it circulates throughout every level of our being.

Vital Force carries life

As well as carrying gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, breath is the agency for transferring the subtle energy of the vital force, present in air, to every cell in our body, via the blood.This fine energy connects us with the Universe, from this fine-matter or non-material or spiritual sphere come fine vibrations, melodies which keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Vital force is universal force

Vital force means ‘‘universal life force’’. It is merely a force that we cannot be without. It is ever present in an unlimited supply, constantly in motion and change. It runs through us all times. It radiates through our bodies.

From History:

Vital force is also called prana; the term was first recorded in the Upanishads, the great Indian teaching scriptures, the earliest of which date back to around 400 BCE.

Vital force is also called the ka by the Egyptians, who 6 thousand years ago detected that the breath seemed to actually carry life with it as a force.

Vital force was also investigated by Chinese medicine two and half thousand years ago; they called the mysterious force chi.

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