Etheric Body

Etheric BodyThe Etheric body can be seen as a misty layer of light, projecting 4-5cm beyond the physical body, which is most often apparent to normal vision when a person is standing against a white or pale background. The etheric body extends beyond the physical body because its energies are vibrating at a slightly higher frequency. Our energy centres, also called chakras, are situated in our etheric body.

The etheric body has a shape somewhat like the human form, with an outer surface composed of a glowing web-like structure, this gives the appearance of being illuminated from within. The luminous depths of the etheric body are seen to contain hundreds of even brighter lines of light, these are the transparent channels that convey the flow of subtle energies (vital force). Where the channels intersect, a vortex of light is formed. The vortex of light are the subtle energy centres – chakras; the more channels that converge, the larger the chakras.

The etheric body has 360 chakras, varying in size and function. Seven larger chakras are seen to be connected to a central channel aligned with the spine, their function is to allow the flow of energy to and from the various levels of our being and to process the energies generated by a specific life issue, such as survival, sexuality and love.


Our Energy field – Our Aura

Our total energy field is a series of energy bodies surrounding the physical body. As their vibratory frequency increases, the sequence ranges from the etheric body, through the emotional and mental bodies to the soul or higher self. We are not bodies within bodies, like a set of Russian dolls, the different rates of vibration between the bodies allow them to be interpenetrating rather than simply fitting one inside the other.

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