ChakrasChakras act as the life gateways and gatekeepers of our life journey, health and our well-being. Chakras are processing and monitoring subtle energy (vital force) flow.


Base (root) chakra – vibrates to the colour red

  • located at the base of the spine
  • processes all issues of a physical nature; how we relate to our body and its physicality, our senses, sensuality, our sex or gender, our safety and survival, self-defence and aggression
  • processes our relationship to all aspects of the natural world, and our relationship to the planet
  • the keeper of cellular memory for the whole body


Sacral chakra – vibrates to the colour orange

  • located opposite the sacral bone in the spine, between the navel and the base centre
  • processes all issues of creativity and sexuality
  • has a special link with the throat chakra, where the life issues that the sacral chakra processes are given expression
  • where all creations have their beginnings and gestation


Solar plexus chakra –vibrates to the colour yellow

  • located above the navel, just below the breastbone and the diaphragm
  • processes our thoughts, emotions and feelings
  • generates our sense of personal self and personal power
  • alerts us to problems, even when these are imagined or of our own making
  • has a direct influence on our breathing (‘’butterflies in the stomach’’)


Heart chakra – vibrates to the colour green

  • located in the centre of the chest (but not in the physical heart)
  • considered to be the place of the soul
  • governs both the breathing process and the flow of healing energies
  • expresses the light of the soul as love deals with all issues about love and lack of love


Throat chakra – vibrates to the colour sky-blue

  • located in the throat
  • the ear, nose and throat chakra
  • links with the body via the thyroid gland
  • has a direct influence on our breathing
  • has an important energetic link with the sacral chakra, where everything creative is conceived and gestated
  • processes all issues of expression and communication, and all the different methods we use to express ourselves


Brow chakra – vibrates to the colour indigo

  • located in the middle of the forehead, just above the brow
  • oversees the operation of the chakra below the throat chakra
  • transmits the subtle energies to the crown chakra, but if we have not dealt with the relevant issue properly the brow chakra will send them backdown the system
  • passes the energetic information to the solar plexus chakra via its special link, here the energetic information meets with the mind which then attempts to understand it
  • processes information from our psychic awareness, or our subtle sensing (our so-called sixth sense)
  • processes information from our intuitive awareness, or our soul sensing
  • monitors the quality of the vital life force entering and exiting our subtle and physical bodies


Crow chakra – vibrates to the colour violet

  • located at the crown of the head
  • our link with the Source and deals with issues of our spirituality
  • links with the body via the pineal gland, located in the centre of the brain, which tells us about the amount of sunlight we are getting and whether we are getting enough. The pineal gland mirrors the crown chakra’s role of telling us about the amount of spiritual light we are allowing into our life and whether the amount is sufficient.
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