Cases treated by Vital Life Force

  • Hyperactive & tantrums

    Case: Male, 5, UK Conditions: Hyperactive (not diagnosed with ADHD), tantrums, sucking his clothes, verrucas This little boy was over active and often, on a daily basis, had temper tantrums. We began Autopathic preparation during August; the results were almost immediate, …Read More »
  • Eczema & Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Case: Male, 44, UK Conditions: Eczema, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Inflammation, high blood pressure The client suffered with eczema and inflammation around the eyes and had been diagnosed with Adult Polycystic Disease 15 years prior. We started Autopathic preparation in May 2014, …Read More »
  • Persistent urine infection & repeated stye

    Case: Female, 7, UK Conditions: Persistent urine infection, repeated stye in both eyes, hyperactive This young girl has been suffering with a persistent urine infection during the last 4 years. Every test carried out by her doctor always returned as positive …Read More »
  • Arthritis & knee joint pain

    Case: Female, 28, UK Conditions: Arthritis, knee joint pain, hair loss This woman recently suffered with knee pain as well as periodic left elbow pain, always on the go she was rarely able to relax. We started Autopahic preparation in August, within …Read More »
  • Constant tonsillitis & night terrors

    Case: Female, 7, UK Conditions: Constant tonsillitis, night terrors, molluscum contagiosum spots, ear infection, nail biting, shy and introvert This client was suffering with repeated tonsillitis; the mother was advised by doctors to remove the tonsils as antibiotics were not curing …Read More »
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