What is Autopathy?

‘‘Your individual remedy does not need to be searched for. You have it within yourself. You carry it in your body though in its ineffective, raw material form. Autopathy is way to health, a special, unique method that has developed out of homeopathy which restores your own vital force and the so called “incurable” or persisting problems of the body and mind are cured.’’
– Mgr. Jiri Chehovsky

Autopathy is a very powerful process that is capable of restoring our health, it is a new revolutionary method of holistic healing developed from classical homeopathy. The Autopathy concept was developed thousands years ago and has since been rediscovered and greatly refined by Mgr. Jiri Cehovsky who has produced thousands of successful cases.
Autopathy - Autopathic water bottleWe all understand that when we get ill, we need a remedy that resonates to your own personal needs, i.e. The ‘Simillimum’. Finding that Simillimum is what homeopaths strive for, yet manage to accomplish in less than half the time by looking for a resonating remedy outside of your body in plants, minerals and herbs etc.

With the Autopathic approach, the problem of resonance with your body and ailment is solved beforehand. Your individual remedy doesn’t have to be searched for, it is already present in your body in a raw form.

Autopathy uses your own body’s information, such as your own saliva or breath, even urine and stool samples can be used to create your own, very powerful, unique remedy to heal yourself. Your saliva, breath, urine and stool offers the perfect information about your entire body. Therefore, an Autopathic remedy made from your own body’s information stimulates and renews the disturbed flow of the subtle energies – vital force through your whole body.

Any illness or ailment is a manifestation of the fact that the flow of the vital force through your body has lowered itself, changed itself, and thus can no longer produce the same heathy organisms and functions as before. To become healthy again, we have to bring the level of our vital force vibrations back to their original level or even higher. This method can be achieved by having our own body’s information that carries a vibrational imprint of the whole body diluted with water in the homeopathic manner and thus restoring the flow of vital force in our body.

Health is indeed gradually restored, we can sense it, feel it and see it; even those around you see it and medical instruments confirm it – even the chronic most untreatable illness can be cured, where conventional methods have previously failed.

Autopathy is a very simple, painless, chemical free and inexpensive method to restore your health. All we need is knowledge, your body’s information, an Autopathic bottle and pure water. It is suitable for anyone, new-born, elderly, pregnant women or couples trying to conceive. Autopathy can be used also as a complementary method with any other method or treatment. Autopathy is based on a subtle, non intrusive effect and can not cause any harm.

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