Autopathic preparation

‘‘The more accurately a remedy is tuned to the patient, the greater the curative effect…“the greatest similarity is found in sameness”

Autopathic PreparationAutopathy is designed to be used by the patient at home after the initial consultancy, where a client will be shown how to prepare the Autopathic remedy. The process is sublimely easy, your body’s information is diluted in a homeopathic manner by using the Autopathic bottle and pure, chlorine free water or bottled water using a specific technique which can vary from client to client depending on the individual health problems. It is very important to follow the instruction which will be given to you by me. I will be required to keep in touch with you regularly, daily if needed, to monitor and compile a record of the progress.

It is vitally important to monitor changes in order to determine the correct potency and technique to track progress of a specific case, and to know when to repeat it, or change the potency or technique. For people who are very ill, someone else can prepare the remedy, with the proper instruction and guidance.

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