About me

Iva MarcantonioMy name is Iva Marcantonio, I am originally from Czech Republic and now living in London for the past 14 years with my husband and two children.

I am an Autopathic Practitioner and Dietician, I studied at a nursing school in Czech Republic for 4 years in nutrition and qualified as a Diploma Dietician. Czech nursing schools are extremely disciplined and thorough in their teaching approach so I benefited from a solid background understanding patients’ needs and helping them return to a full and healthy life.

I have always worked in health care, when I first arrived in the UK to study English, I worked in the Priory Hospital in Roehampton where I developed a strong interest in the links between psychology and healthy living. I have a keen interest in the human body, it has always fascinated me how amazing and complex our bodies are.

How did I discover this revolutionary healing method called Autopathy?

My daughter, who was just 7 years old, was suffering with constant tonsillitis; every time she was ill we received strong antibiotics from our GP to treat the infection, only for the infection to return later.  Finally, doctors suggested that we remove the tonsils, which I did not want to do.  I strongly believe that we have certain organs in our body for a reason, if you remove those organs the body cannot always heal itself. It was a constant battle, so I started to research myself how I could help my daughter overcome this recurring illness. I came across a new method called Autopathy and began to study and learn more about its methodology myself.  I treated my daughter in September 2013; within 2 months there was no sign of the recurring effects of tonsillitis. No antibiotics, no removal of tonsils or other intrusive methods, just by using Autopathy I have cured my daughter’s illness.

I have now studied Autopathy in depth and became a fully certified Autopathic consultant in 2014 being trained by the founder himself Mgr. Jiri Cehovsky. Since becoming a qualified consultant I have successfully treated members of my family and many of my friends who, based on their testimonials, have helped me build up a loyal client base.

Autopathy is very powerful method of treating any illness of body and mind, I am very passionate about my Autopathic work as I and others can see the amazing results. I am offering this treatment to anyone who might want to restore their health back again and have lost faith in traditional, painful and costly healing methods.

I am proud to be the only fully qualified practitioner of Autopathy in the UK and one of a very few consultants worldwide.  Autopathy is my passion.

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