Restore your health with this very unique method called Autopathy

Your individual remedy does not need to be searched for. You have it within yourself. You carry it in your body though in its ineffective, raw material form.

Autopathy is way to health, a special, unique method that has developed out of homeopathy which restores your own vital force and the so called ‘‘incurable’’ or persisting problems of the body and mind are cured.

The biggest problem facing the modern human is disease. The life experience of Earth’s inhabitants is negatively influenced by the fact that a great majority of us suffer, often from childhood, from one (or more) of many hundreds of chronic diseases and illnesses.

The concept outlined includes physical or even psychological ailments that are not generally curable by traditional methods, these could be light and superficial conditions, to serious ailments that can be life threatening.

Such disorders often keep coming back, or they might have already become permanently embedded in our bodies or minds. Some may disappear at times, only to be replaced by even more serious problems in other parts of the body. None of the technologically aimed, materialistically orientated treatments can truly rid us of these problems; at best it can temporarily ‘‘alleviate’’ the symptoms.


Vital Life Force

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